Eric Deng

City Fellows Consortium

In the spring of 2015 I met Alyse Killeen and we immediately bonded over a shared interest of improving the connections between LA-area rising tech talent and the design, engineering, and product players in the area—ranging from exciting startups to mid-size growth companies to established public corporations. We came up with the idea of the City Fellows Consortium, a selective group of STEM students from the neighboring schools of USC, UCLA, and CalTech that would assembly 1-2 times a month across the LA area to meet with high-level representatives from all these companies.

We grew to over a dozen Fellows within the second year and expanded to Singapore soon-after. Many internships and collaborations (both between fellows and with corporate guests) have resulted as a part of these meetings and while I graduated and have moved to SF, the organization is still holding strong and growing to do more and more exciting things!