Eric Deng


b. 1996, CA

Eric Deng

I’m a roboticist based out of San Francisco, currently working as a Product Manager at Uber Advanced Technologies Group (ATG). If you’re interested in joining us take a look and see if there’s a good fit!

Previously I worked on productizing robotics at Facebook and developing socially interactive embodied agents in the Interaction Lab and Embodied and building interactive hologram platforms at VNTANA. My interests are centered around scalable methods for developing interactive robots as well as intuitive interaction design for interactive AI products. 

As a Stamps Scholar at USC, I received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Robotics and Control Systems and am on leave from an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Design and Dynamics. My academic work was focused on building robots for humans by teaching them how to move, studying how they should look, and bringing them from the research labs out into the real world